Sunday, August 10, 2008

Northern Pakistan

When we read about Pakistan in the news, they are mostly on war, disasters and generally depressing and negative news. Which is such a waste, cos the country is such a wonderful travel destination. It's landscapes and sceneries are just fantastic, and with 8 of the 13 mountain peaks above 8000m in Pakistan, it is a mountaineer's dream destination.

But one of the most amazing things I experienced in Pakistan besides the landscapes, are the people. They are among the friendliest people I meet in my travels, and their hospitality is what makes travel in Pakistan one of the most memorable as well. I got invited for teas, and even joined a family for dinner in their house and they would go all out to make you comfortable. And we just met on the streets.

I flew into Lahore, and covered mostly Northern Pakistan, so I actually have no experience in travel in the southern part of the country. However, from what I gather, I do feel the northern part provides the best experience and photo opportunities in both landscapes as well as people and culture. Moreover, the Karakoram Highway is in any backpackers dream trip, and that alone could warrant you a trip to Northern Pakistan!


Anonymous said...

alamak, tempting me with your nice photos again.
pakistan is my dream destination.
think it's a place other than laos, tibet and iran that i will continue "nagging" myself to go until i do go.


Wanderer said...

Huh, I tot u went laos already?

Herbert Wong said...

Absolutely agree with you on the incredible hospitality of the people. My favourite destination and hence, sad regarding what is going on in the country. The poeple deserve better (leaders).

Wanderer said...

Indeed. One of my favourites as well.