Thursday, October 22, 2009

350 : 24Oct International Day of Climate Action

24 Oct 2009. Make a stand. Take an action - using the number 350!

Why 350? In a brief, 350 is the number that leading scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide—measured in "Parts Per Million" in our atmosphere. We have actually already exceeded that number. Climate change affects everybody, and so, everybody has a responsibility to help lower that number. Check out the video below :

Of course, there's alot more to this issue of climate change. To find out more, check out
Below is an "Action Map" of the world, where there are actions organised by concerned people in their respective countries.

View Actions at

For those in Singapore, after zooming in, you'll find 7 entries. Check out the mass activities at Padang and SMU (The Wacky Walk and the Human Tidal Wave)! Join in if you have the time!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change - Glaciers

Glaciers are wondrous sights. Formed when fallen snow compresses into large bodies of ice, what is so special about them is that they move! Think of them as rivers of ice, although the flow is relatively slower. They shrink and expand as well, depending on climate changes. But with the world population growing and greenhouse gases increasing, the world is heating up. And this can only mean the glaciers are shrinking.

Will the future generations see the sights I see? Nobody knows.
As part of the Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change goal,

here's sharing some pictures of glaciers I've seen and taken on my travels. I hope I can still see more, and that everyone would have a chance as well. Take care Mother Earth!

Passu and Batura Glacier, Pakistan

Ultar Glacier, Pakistan and MingYong Glacier, Yunnan China

Athabasca Glacier, Canada and Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Saturday, October 10, 2009

ClubMed Ria Bintan

Usually, I wouldn't spend S$500++ to go to Bintan. But it's a ClubMed. So when I had the chance to go at a subsidised rate, I jumped at it! :)

ClubMed Ria Bintan is one of many resorts run by the French corporation (Club Med is short for Club Méditerranée, according to Wikipedia). It has an all-inclusive concept, so basically, my 3D2N package includes my return ferry tickets between Singapore and Bintan, lodging, insurance, ClubMed membership, almost round-the-clock food and drinks, and most activities. The resort is run by an international staff known as GOs or "Gracious Organisers". They are a bunch of energetic people who handles everything from your room and ferry logistics, to guiding and overseeing the activities in the resort.

My take on the resort :
  • Aside from some items like champagne and spa massages, everything else is free; so it's really a fuss-free and relaxing holiday.
  • Family oriented as there are activities catered for the children, and the parents can be free to relax on their own of they choose to.
  • Free lessons of water sports activities like windsurfing and sailing, although it is noted that they are available only at specific times, and when the resort gets crowded, you may not be able to get a time-slot!
  • Food and drinks are free-flow, with several restaurants and bar-counters available. Food is international, good (but not fantastic) and drinks include wine and other alcoholic concoctions.
  • There are different performances every night, by the GOs themselves (really a bunch of talented people), although depending on what you like, you may not enjoy all of them.
  • The beach is great! Clean and only for ClubMed members.

For those who wants a really fuss-free, slightly upmarket vacation for the family, ClubMed seems to have it right (of course, depending on your own economic outlook). For more pictures, check out my gallery!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage, one of the newer icons in Singapore, is a reservoir built across the Marina Channel. Opened during end 2008, Marine provides 3 primary functions : water supply, flood control and a lifestyle attraction.

Being a reservoir, it is projected to meet 10% or more of Singapore's water needs. It is also the first reservoir to be built right in the heart of the city. The dam at the mouth of the Marina Channel not only keeps out seawater, it provides flood control with a series of dam gates and water pumps that releases excess water out to the sea when needed.

And at the site itself, it has become one of Singapore's hot recreational spots. Not only does it support water-based activities like boating and canoeing, the top of the reservoir building structure provides an excellent open space for picnics and kite-flying. Every weekend, dozens of colourful kites in all manner of shapes and sizes don the skies at the Barrage. And when the sun sets, the view across to the Singapore skyline with our upcoming casinos and the Singapore Flyer is great for photography!

Details on how to get to the Marina Barrage, as well as its opening hours can be found here. Consider your next family or friends picnic outing at the Marina Barrage!