Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bai Haba (白哈巴), North Xinjiang

Northern Xinjiang is a lovely place to visit, esp in autumn. Besides the wonderful trek between Kanas and Hemu village, there is another village very well worth the time to visit - Bai Haba (白哈巴) village, the most northwestern village in China.

Bai Haba or White Haba village, is situated right at the border between China and Kazakhstan. You can actually arrange to visit the border post with your driver/guide. There is no bus to this village, so transport arrangements have to be made from Kanas, one of the more touristy town in Northern Xinjiang. However, the highlight of the place is the village itself. In autumn, the village is literally covered in yellow and gold, and the setting is so tranquil, just having a picnic in the village surrounds is an enjoyment worth the trip to Xinjiang alone!

The villagers consists of some Kazaks and mainly the Tuwa/Tuva (of Mongolian descent) people. They seem to keep to themselves, not so much as unfriendly, but probably more reserved about meeting strangers. However, we stumbled upon a school and the children, being children, are alot more curious, though still shy. The Tuwa/Tuva people, from what I gather, are dwindling in numbers and am glad that I had the opportunity to meet them.

White Haba village is a place where time had stood still, and is one of my most memorable places that I've visited. Not to mention the excellent photo opportunities here too!!


hcpen said...

i came across ur blog whilst travel surfing, ur pics are amazing! i'll definitely be back...where do u get all the time to travel like this?

Wanderer said...

Thanks hcpen for dropping by!
Actually, some of the trips are those weekend kinda trips, ie 3D2N or 4D3N. Of course, taking a year or two off from work helps... :p

Anyway, glad you like the pics!