Saturday, November 14, 2009

Star Trails

It was relatively late in my travel photography journey when I realised that there is much more photography to be made in the sky than sunsets and sunrises. One fateful night, deep in the Mongolian steppes, I looked up into the night sky to see it littered with millions of twinkling diamonds. My fellow travel mates consists of a knowledgeable photographer who initiated a photography session, and thus I took my first star trail shot. It was love at first night.

Due to light pollution, stars in the sky are barely visible in the cities, and so, we hardly see any in Singapore. Thus in my travels, I have made it a point that whenever I have the opportunity to get to the countryside, I would attempt to take some star trails. Of course, alot depends on the weather, but whenever I do get a shot, the results never fail to thrill me.

An excellent article on star trail photography can be found here. Technicalities aside, my advise is always on the photographer himself/herself. Proper clothings, torchlight, mosquito repellent etc are equally important to a successful star trail shot. So when you next find yourself in a beautiful location on a dark cloudless night, consider some star trail photography!!


Herbert Wong said...

Must have drained a few batteries taking these photos, ha,ha,ha.....well done.

Wanderer said...

Thanks Herbert.
For star trails, I tend to use my film SLR, which doesn't eat up batteries that fast... ;)