Sunday, November 1, 2009

Central Park, New York

There are many attractions in New York, and the city itself is really quite something. But while the city life there never quite seem to slow down, perhaps you should. After days of shopping or hopping from place to place, spare yourself an hour or two (or better still, half a day or more), and relax yourself in Central Park.

Central Park is a big urban park right in the city of Manhattan. Made famous by many movies and TV shows, it is visited by locals and tourists alike. You could take a stroll through the many walking tracks, have a picnic around some of the green open spaces, roller-blade/cycle with your friends, or just plant yourself in a nice shady spot and finish reading your overdue book. There is even a lake in the park, where you can enjoy some boat-rowing! (And I think in winter, you could ice-skate there!)

But what surprised me when I was walking through the park, is the amount of wildlife, esp birds in the park. I met a retired couple there, who were avid bird-watchers. Apparently, Central Park is quite a popular hangout for bird-watching New-Yorkers. There are as many of 200 species of birds seen in the park, and I have the pleasure of being able to catch a glimpse of number of them!

When you next stop by Manhattan New York, check out Central Park!

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