Monday, November 26, 2007

Where and when vs when and where?

This was taken at Peyto Lake, a well-known attraction in Banff National Park. One of the ways of getting a good travel image is, well, going at the right season! I was a relatively newbie photo enthusiast, but this trip to the Canadian Rockies was right at the best possible season - summer. The light is good, the weather is good, and of course, the scenery is fantastic! So with little effort, you get a really good image. Weather may be unpredictable, but it's about maximising your chances of getting the best!

Incidentally, this was also the trip where I got poisoned. I borrowed a SLR from my brother-in-law, bought some slide film, and took it along together with my prosumer digicam that I've been using for a year or more. It was considered early years in digital photography (2001), and my Canon Powershot G1 was high up in the prosumer category. But the feel of handling the SLR, its response, and the results - it's like a drug that had me yearning for the grasp, begging for the sound of the shutter, and longing to see the output. Of course, your mileage may vary :)

I found out later that there're tons of similar Peyto Lake images out there, since the viewpoint from where I took the shot was right where every tourist go. Nevertheless, seeing a beautiful image that you have shot yourself will enhance your confidence and belief, and would definitely provide motivation for better shots in your next trip.

While basic, this is still one of the key points while planning a photography trip - when is the best time to go? In fact, it used to be that typically, I will decide where I wanna go, and then find out when I can take leave or when I am free to go. But now, I'll rather find out when I am able to leave, and then find out during that period, where are the best places I can go that interest me......

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