Saturday, November 24, 2007

Clubsnap-Olympus Zoo outing

Ok, this is not so much about travel, but on photography. The travelling I did was of course on our MRT and buses. A whole hour+ of it. Sheesh, plus waiting times etc, I can probably reach Ho Chih Minh city. But I only reached our Singapore Mandai Zoo.

One of the ways you can have hands-on experience with some cool gear is joining events organised by Clubsnap and its partners. They have co-organised events with the major players like Canon, Nikon etc. This time round, it was with Olympus, showcasing mainly the newly launched Olympus E3, and held at the Zoo. Details of the Olympus E3 can be found here.

It is also one of the ways you can try out some big lens as well. For travel photography, it is unusual to bring such bazooka lens unless its a specialised wildlife travel trip, for eg. My whole philosophy on travel photo gear is lightweight, lightweight, and still lightweight. So it was a good chance for me to try some big lens. Not that I would buy them though. My standard travel photo gear is mentioned at my articles section here.

As it turns out, after putting my CF card into the Olympus and shooting/testing some shots, I transferred it back to my Canon 10D. My 10D complained something about folder number full, but still able to take shots. Subsequently, I went to the other stations (they had 4 stations spread out around the Zoo with various lens for you to try out), and when I put my CF card into the E3's, all of them complained that the card being full. Strange. So in the end, I had only a few Olympus images to analyse at home. Not that I would analyse much though. No money to upgrade lah, so no point see so much....

Anyway, spent the whole morning at the Zoo. Don't go zoo often. Come to think of it, the last time I came was also another similar event, but with Canon, 2-3 years ago. Not bad, at least I see what other travellers come to Singapore to see. Oh, if you do come down, take a look at the Outback section. Apparently, it was helped setup by Steve Irwin when he came as a special guest in Mar 2006. And he got killed in Sep 2006 :(

Ok, leave you with one image of the animals I like, for its speed and grace - the cheetah.

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