Sunday, January 23, 2011

When Waters Meet

Strange indeed when you can actually see two rivers on a single expanse of water. One of the main attractions of Manaus, the Meeting of Waters is a natural phenomenon that is quite a sight, which you will see when you take a riverboat trip from/to Manaus.

Like two distinct disagreeable personalities, when the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes meet to form the Rio Amazonas, they don't mix initially. The dark waters of the Rio Negro and the muddy brown of the Rio Solimoes kept to themselves for quite a distance before slowly merging. Due to difference in speed, salinity, temperature etc, their boundary is distinct and dramatic!

For those who are flying into Manaus, and/or not going on the riverboat trip, there are many day trips available in Manaus that bring you to the Meeting of Waters. Otherwise, most multi-day jungle trips to the Amazon also include it in the intinerary. On these trips, you are on smaller boats, so you can actually put your hands into the water to feel the differences!

The Amazon is full of mystery and surprises, even when waters meet!

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