Saturday, October 3, 2009

Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage, one of the newer icons in Singapore, is a reservoir built across the Marina Channel. Opened during end 2008, Marine provides 3 primary functions : water supply, flood control and a lifestyle attraction.

Being a reservoir, it is projected to meet 10% or more of Singapore's water needs. It is also the first reservoir to be built right in the heart of the city. The dam at the mouth of the Marina Channel not only keeps out seawater, it provides flood control with a series of dam gates and water pumps that releases excess water out to the sea when needed.

And at the site itself, it has become one of Singapore's hot recreational spots. Not only does it support water-based activities like boating and canoeing, the top of the reservoir building structure provides an excellent open space for picnics and kite-flying. Every weekend, dozens of colourful kites in all manner of shapes and sizes don the skies at the Barrage. And when the sun sets, the view across to the Singapore skyline with our upcoming casinos and the Singapore Flyer is great for photography!

Details on how to get to the Marina Barrage, as well as its opening hours can be found here. Consider your next family or friends picnic outing at the Marina Barrage!

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