Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tighza, Morocco

Unplanned destinations oftentimes yields unexpected surprises. It was on a whim when I contacted Carolyn of HomeStays Morocco, and it turns out that Tighza is such a destination.

Tighza is a village some 30+min away from Telouet.
Nestled in Tighza valley, it is a great place for trekking the High Atlas. For the independent traveller, there is a bus (4+hrs) to/from Marrakech to the village of Anmiter, whereby its just a matter of an hour trek to Tighza :)

As mentioned, HomeStays Morocco can arrange overnight stays in one of the local families in the village as well as trekking programs in the region. What strikes me is that apart from trekking, Tighza is quite off the beaten path, and makes for a really great getaway, esp if you have been through the bustle of Marrakech. The fertile green, amidst the barren brown, provides a beautiful backdrop to traditional Berber hospitality. Besides, when night falls, the valley is immensed in total darkness, and with the stars decorating the skies, it is a night photographer's paradise!

While I had my challenges reaching Tighza from the Dades valley, it was a destination well worth going. I enjoyed it alot, and would highly recommend a visit!

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