Saturday, January 3, 2009

Earth from the Air

First post of 2009, and a Happy New Year to all readers!! :)
Many an overseas trip start with a flight out of Singapore. I had my first flight out of Singapore when I was in Secondary school, and strangely I remembered I didn't really feel all that excited. I was excited about my trip (a school trip) but not the flight - mabbe because I was seated at a aisle/non-window seat. I think I didn't see out of the window at all during the flight!!

Of course, since then, I had looked out of the plane window during the flight, and discovered the beauty out there. While the world's landscape is ever so diverse, so is its view from the air. From the aerial perspective, from farming land to snow-capped mountains ... and from canyons to rivers, everything takes on a different face. It was sight-seeing of a different sort! And when the plane flew above the clouds, the "landscape" is something we rarely ever see. The clouds are serene and beauitful, and literally on a world of its own.

The thick plane windows does pose a little problem to photography. To take pictures out of the plane window, and prevent your camera searching for a target to focus, set your camera's focus to infinity. In some point-and-shoot digicam, this can be done using the "Landscape" mode. Then place your camera as close to the window as possible to cut down reflections. This will give you very passable photos, which otherwise the rarely seen view of the Earth from the air would only reside in memory.

For really impressive aerial photography from around the world, check out this documentary and pictorial from Yann Arthus-Bertrand - The Earth from the Air. Amazing photos which cannot be captured on any commercial passenger airplane. But when you next take a flight out, do look out of your window!

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