Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holiday on Feet

Trekking. Hiking. Tramping. Call it what you want, it is just walking :). Do it on a holiday? Why not? In fact, it is highly recommended!!

Ok, before you start to think of those trips that are 2-3 weeks of pure trekking, well, you don't have to. You can always start with day hikes, or even intersperse different day hikes into your trip. Once you experience it and like it, you can then plan for trips with hikes/treks that last 2-3 days etc. But why hike and tire yourself when a tour bus can bring you to sights?
For one, some of nature's most beautiful sights are not accessible by buses or even cars. With a little walking, you will often see scenes that you can only see in magazines. And sometimes with some serious trekking, you'll see sights that blow your mind away! For nature lovers, it would definitely be worth your while.
And if you're doing hikes or walks in come countries like Nepal, India, China etc, these hikes often passes through villages which yield fantastic experiences no tour can provide you. You can see strange cultures, untouched lifestyles, and make contact with interesting people. It is travel at its best.

Different countries provide different backdrops for your walks. And different seasons add to the variety. From rugged mountains in Pakistan to icy glaciers in New Zealand, and from lush greenery in summer Laos, to striking red in autumn Romania, there is something for everyone!

So put on your walking shoes, and enjoy your walking holiday!

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