Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sakura season!

Hanami, or sakura viewing is a huge event in Japan and not just for the locals. Tons of tourists will throng the parks, and photographers go ga-ga. Sakura season usually start from end March to early April, with usually 1 week of full bloom or mankai. Part of the challenge in planning a trip to Japan for sakura is the logistics of airtickets and accommodation at the right time!

Considering that the top camera brands like Nikon and Canon hail from Japan, it's no wonder that the Japanese's passion for photography is apparent, especially during this season.
There is the young and the old ....

... and there's SLRs to camera phones...

.. and when it come to the poses, it's not the subjects but the photographers that are a sight!!!

Sakura season is a top draw in Japan, and rightly so. It was one of my most memorable experience in Japan walking through a sakura filled park!

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