Friday, December 14, 2007

Early Christmas Gift!

Greetings all!
Every year, I've always made my own personal calendars using my travel images. This year, I've decided to share my calendar, and make it available free for personal use!! All you need to do is download my image files and print them. Detailed instructions are further below. Here's a preview of the calendar :

The images are all shot in various countries I went in Asia and I've tried to include various genres in travel photography, from landscapes to architecture, and people to wildlife etc. Perhaps next year, I will do a themed one, eg. Landscapes of Asia, but for now, I'll just have this "Best of Asia" :)
Please note that these images for download are granted for PERSONAL USE only. They are NOT for resale or commercial use. Thanks!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Instructions for creating the calendar
  1. Download the image files here. There are six 8x10 images which you can print either using your own home printer, or you can send it to your favourite lab. Sending it to the lab is probably more expensive, but printing on your own, you may need to adjust the colors if they don't come out right. For paper, I think thick matte paper is best.

  2. Each 8x10 print consists of two square images. Cut them out so that you'll have 12 square prints for 12 months. If you're printing it at home, note that the image properties is set to 150dpi, and if you just follow that, you'll end up with 4.75in (12cm) square prints which fits right into a CD case.

  3. Get a CD jewel case. Remove the jewel case cover gently, reverse it, and connect it back. Becareful not to break the "tooth" that clips the cover in place.

  4. Insert the prints as appropriate and there you have it!

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